I am the editor of a digital archive of the ballad The Wandering Jew's Chronicle. I recently published an article on the ballad's textual descent. The Chronicle is a good teaching tool.

My other digital ballad projects include Bodleian Ballads Online, which I helped to set up, and EBBA, where I worked from 2006-8.

Bodleian Ballads includes ImageMatch, made by Oxford's Visual Geometry Group, a cool tool for tracing ballad woodcut illustrations. ImageBrowse is the latest output of this collaboration. I continue to work on ballad and chapbook illustrations, particularly the Charnley-Dodd collection of woodblocks. 

I've published on modernist chapbooks and want to learn more about contemporary versions of the form. I am on the Bibliographical Society's working party on chapbooks. 

My PhD was on the eighteenth-century Northampton and London-based printer William Dicey. I help organise Print Networks, for whom I am working on the future of the British Book Trade Index

Copyright history, in the form of the Stationers' Register Online project, unites my interests in book trade history and textual traditions.